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      Giles County Courthouse

      Giles County Courthouse Public Square

      Giles County Courthouse
      Erected in 1909, the neoclassical building is marked by tall Corinthian columns. Solid
      brass door pulls are incised "Giles." Inside a balcony encircles the third floor and sixteen
      caryatids (female faces) hold up the arched vault of the rotunda with stained glass skylight.
      In the cupola, the 1858 bell still strikes the hours. Open Mon.-Fri., 8 a.m.-4 p.m. except
      holidays. Free.

      First Presbyterian Church
      202 South Second Streets

 First Presbyterian Church Photo

On the National Register. Victorian Gothic, two uneven towers, lancet windows with stained glass border. One of the most architecturally creative churches in Middle Tennessee for the 1880's, this building was erected in 1882 and is the second building to stand on this site. The church, formally established July 12, 1828 with the Reverend James Hall Brooks as first pastor, existed as early as 1811. The church bell was a part of the first building.

Church of the Messiah Episcopal

114 North Third Street

Church of the Messiah Episcopal Photo

The Episcopal Church was erected in 1887 through the liberality of Daniel C. Carter and
Governor John C. Brown. The building was consecrated December 7 by Bishop Quientard
"To the glory of God and the memory of Miss Daisy Brown and Mrs. Marie Brown McMillion,
deceased daughters of Governor Brown. Most of the furniture and ornaments are

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